What Type Of Tennis Shoe Is Best For Flat Feet?

Tennis shoe is an international racket game played between two individuals or two teams. One player serves the ball first then another player tries to return the ball to the correct court. When any of the players miss a shot, another player wins a point. Players should run toward the permitted lines of the court to hit the ball.

Players having flat feet faces a lot of problems in the court especially while running. Flat feet people suffer from a lack of balance, rolled-in anklebones, foot and arch exhaustion, Soreness of soft tissue, foot, heel and joint pain, etc. Even they get seriously injured sometimes.

At present, many specialized shoes are available in the market for flat feet. That shoes help people to overcome the flat feet issues when playing tennis. Now, you may ask what type of tennis shoes is best for flat feet! Well, let’s discuss it!

Tennis Shoe for Flat Feet

Flat feet people face many problems while playing tennis. They must know what type of tennis shoe is best for flat feet! Flat feet people should wear specialized tennis shoes to avoid unexpected issues. Best tennis shoe for flat feet must have the qualities written below-

Arch Support

The first and most important quality of a flat feet tennis shoe is the arch support. Flat feet people suffer from a lack of arches. So, the shoes must be constructed in such a way that they can give the best support to the arch area.

Tennis Shoe
Tennis Shoe

Arch Cushioning

Every specialized tennis shoes for flat feet must have plenty of cushion material at the arch area for maximum protection and comfort. It helps to decrease foot and arch pain and absorb any shock or impact when playing. This portion is so important for flat feet person as it gives support, safety and comfort.

Comfort Tennis Shoe

Comfort is a must for every kind of shoe. Not only flat feet shoes but also normal feet shoes must ensure the best comfort for feet. The ventilation system of the shoe should be better to keep feet dry and cool.


Nowadays people, mainly the young generation are too conscious about fashion. That’s why stylish look matters a lot. So, tennis shoes must have a stylish and smart look.

Best Tennis Shoes in Market

There are many branded shoes available in the market. Each has a different quality and price. Here presenting some popular branded tennis shoes for flat feet-

1.ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe is one of the best tennis shoes in the market. It’s high-quality materials and outstanding performance has made this shoe favorite to all. The shoe is specially made for flat feet people with a cushioned midsole and 2 layers’ foamy ankle collar. These features of the shoe ensure maximum support, safety, and comfort.

2. ASICS Gel-Game® 5

Another model of ASICS, ASICS Gel-Game® 5 is also very popular to all. The lightweight structure and durability have made this shoe extraordinary. Flat feet get additional support and comfort.

3.Babolat Propulse 4 All Court

BabolatPropulse 4 All Court is one of the best multi-purpose shoes for flat feet as foot movement occurs more frequently in tennis like MMA. High-quality comfort and 4-point support are given to the player on the tennis court. This is a world-recognized company with the best quality and comfort.


People with flat feet or fallen arches can play tennis normally if they have an idea about what type of tennis shoe is best for flat feet! If they wear the right tennis shoe, they will be able to play tennis without facing any problems.